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      The implementation of highly toxic pesticide

      Click2924 Date2016-04-11 12:57:01

      It is inevitable and necessary to carry out the high toxic pesticide substitute cleaning project to replace the highly toxic pesticide. The transition of high toxic pesticide substitutes requires the joint efforts of the state, the association, the enterprise and the user.

      High toxic pesticides accounted for the proportion of the pesticide is very low, is still retained in the production of high toxic pesticides on some specific difficult to control the object is still a significant effect, which part of the efficient fungicides, specificity of pesticides is still essential, corresponding alternative products in cost and control effect has yet to reach the effect. Although the current domestic production of highly toxic pesticide companies are large companies, a strong sense of social responsibility, but the development and promotion of alternative high toxic pesticide products still exist certain difficulties. The introduction to the central treasury for cleaner production in special funds for the implementation of the project results in significant reward withheldest not a good way.

      To really make the formulation of standards and regulations implemented, in addition to strengthening the supervision and inspection of the power sector, guide enterprises to actively use environmental friendly solvent instead of high toxicity of benzene, toluene, xylene and other organic solvents, incentives for the corresponding national level is essential, only the award penalty measures, in order to fully reflect the national policy orientation in the market in the allocation of resources, in order to truly make alternative products in the market occupy a certain advantage, in order to ensure the implementation of the policy landing.

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