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      "Up" into the main key words pesticide market

      Click865 Date2016-04-11 12:56:46

      Recently, pesticide listed company semi annual report disclosure in succession, as of press time, a total of 19 pesticides listed enterprises semi annual report released, from the company's statement can be seen, "up" the word is still in the first half of this year the market keywords.

      You can see from the report that the influence of Xinan pesticide main business income ranked in the first place, to 23.34 billion yuan, an increase of 13.35%, but by the price of glyphosate decline and silicone market, net profit year-on-year decline in more than 60% of the. The red sun and Hua Bang Yingtai pesticide revenue in 2, similar to 3, net profit increase obviously.

      Pesticide revenue growth from the point of view, the benefit to avermectin series product price increases and new glufosinate, kresoxim methyl and other products, Weiyuan biochemical main business revenue grew 49.14%, the highest rate of increase. Blue Feng biochemical and the state issued shares to achieve net profit attributable to shareholders of listing Corporation fell more than a year. Lanfeng biochemical explanation, the reason is affected by the decline in sugar prices, farmers enthusiasm frustrated effect, company profit products mainly used for sugarcane herbicidal hexazinone sales, reduced inventory Nanxiao. Second, the reasons for the raw materials of spermine and acetic anhydride prices, acephate company sales despite the rise, but the production rising costs, making the gross margin decreased compared to the same period last year. Country shares is due to the impact of the fluctuation of overseas demand, control subsidiary of Hunan of China issued export sales dropped significantly, leading to profit relatively on year the corresponding period decreases considerably.

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