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      Development status of pesticide

      Click872 Date2016-04-11 12:56:30

      China pesticide industry after decades, especially the rapid development since the reform and opening up to the outside world, it has formed a relatively complete scientific research and development, pesticide production and preparation process, raw materials and intermediates in supporting the pesticide industry system. China has become the pesticide production, use, import and export power.

      At present, Chinese pesticide can produce more than 500 varieties, annual production of more than 250 varieties of pesticides, the main types of basic coverage of the insecticide, bactericide and herbicide and plant growth regulators. The registration of pesticide products about 20 thousand. Pesticide products in addition to meet the domestic agricultural development, export increased year on year growth momentum.

      The existing pesticide production enterprises more than 2000, the original production more than 500 enterprises, more than 10 kinds of pesticide listing Corporation. Pesticide total sales of 200 billion yuan. 2006-2011, China's total pesticide production increased by 104.3%.

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