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      Hotline: (86)0517-87616118

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      Jiangsu KaiChen chemical co., LTD., founded in 2010, the company is located in known as the "canal city" huaian salt chemical new material industrial park. Covers an area of 120 mu, is a production workshop of fourteen and complete common engineering facilities. 2015 pesticide research and development, production, sales enterprise.

      Companies adhering to the "safety, environmental protection to ensure the product quality as the life, the production technology for the soul, production equipment on the basis of" the management idea, people-oriented, work together and contribute to global agricultural business.


      版权所?@ 2016 江苏仁信生物技术有限公司 苏ICP?6015458?1 ?址Q淮安盐化新材料产业园区李湾??工信部网址:https://beian.miit.gov.cn
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